Thursday, August 28, 2008

Not-So-Colluding Commie Strikes Back Against Kincaid (And Us)

Well, seems things are getting a little heated in blogging land.

Cliff Kincaid who is Richard Melon Scaife's hatchet man and this dim-wit liberal apologist for the Democratic Party, Terry Krepel, are at war over Frank Marshall Davis.

Reading Kincaid's and Krepel's stupid musings about Frank Marshall Davis I get the impression both of these guys think Frank Marshall Davis is running for President instead of Barack Obama.

Kincaid drags up old FBI files on Frank Marshall Davis. Now he talks about Davis being some kind of "pervert" because he enjoyed sex. I guess that makes most of us "perverts".

What is really hilarious is that the biggest pervert of all was FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover who used to dress up in drag for his equally perverted assistant while they got off their jollies admiring pictures of those they were persecuting for reading dangerous pamphlets like the Communist Manifesto and watching Charlie Chaplin movies. I bet Kincaid would have had fun playing "dress up" with his mentor, J. Edgar Hoover.

Just looking at a picture of Kincaid sends shivers up my spine. I wouldn't want the guy hanging around the school yard where my kids hang out. Then again I wouldn't want my kids sitting on John McCain's lap either.

As for Terry Krepel I can't figure out what this sissy is whining about. He wrote about someone and something without having any facts. For Krepel he can attach a "cheekily alliterative headline" but he can't take what he dishes out.

Krepel has gone from supporting one loser Hillary Clinton to Barack Obama.

Talk about perverts what kind of president sticks his dick in his intern's mouth dirties her pretty blue dress and then talks about George Bush and political patronage? If Frank Marshall Davis was still around he probably would have had a comment or two about this and then Kincaid would have called him a pervert for writing about it and Krepel could have defended Bill Clinton.

Talking about perverts has anyone seen John Edwards at the Democratic Party Convention in Denver?

Talking some more about perverts I wonder what Kincaid and Krepel think about that cop in Denver using his billy club on a Code Pink activist and calling her all kinds of names? Kind of perverted if you ask me.

I wonder if Kincaid is going to get Scaife to give him the money to payoff some woman to come forward claiming she was the thirteen year old girl he claims Frank Marshall Davis had sex with? Now wouldn't that be something. Kincaid and Krepel could argue over if Barack Obama should stand trial for his mentor's act of rape.

Both Kincaid and Krepel now want to take out their wrath on Alan Maki and the only thing he has done is ask a simple question: What specific solutions is Barack Obama suggesting in the way of change?

Come to think of it shouldn't this be the primary question being asked of Barack Obama by both Cliff Kincaid and Terry Krepel? As to what books communist literature Barack Obama reads it would be nice to know he just knows that a book has to be held right side up so you can read it. As I recall, at the time the Twin Towers were destroyed George Bush was trying to read a book to young children but he was trying to read with the book upside down.

When I went to college we had to read the Communist Manifesto. We actually studied it quite thoroughly. I don't understand why Cliff Kincaid is so concerned with Barack Obama having read Marxist literature. This raises an interesting question here. How much Communist and Marxist literature has Cliff Kincaid read? I am assuming Kincaid has read Marxist and Communist literature even that other perverted little creep Roy Cohn who was Joe McCarthy's sidekick claimed he had first hand knowledge of how wrong it was for anyone to read Marxist and Communist newspapers and magazines.

Probably Kincaid and Krepel should compile an accepted reading list for presidential candidates.

I think if there is one thing to come out of this election it is that the media no longer treats perverts like Cliff Kincaid and Terry Krepel as credible sources.

Maybe by the time Kincaid and Krepel get done talking about Alan Maki we will have McCain sitting in the White House. Now you talk about your perverts. McCain brags that he dropped bombs on innocent people at least 25 times and cries about getting shot down and mistreated as a prisoner of war. I wonder if McCain had any dirty thoughts in his head about what he would like to do with a thirteen year old Vietnamese girl as he was being held in an animal cage where he deserved to be. Rape her as so many American heroes did or just douse her with napalm or maim her with cluster bombs?

Here we have a war criminal and a war monger running for president and Cliff Kincaid and Terry Krepel are arguing if Frank Marshall Davis was or wasn't a sexual pervert because of a book he supposedly wrote. What next? A debate about if Shakespeare was a pervert? What kind of perverts come up with some of these themes for some of these movies my kids rent at the video store?

I noticed at Abu Gharib prison there were some pretty perverted things going on. Who should we blame for this perversion? Frank Marshall Davis, Barack Obama or Alan Maki? There has to be a commie somewhere to blame.

Perverted Commies? What about your perverted delegates attending Democratic and Republican Party conventions where the police say they don't know how to handle the influx of prostitutes?

What about that perverted foot tapping Republican who played footsy at the Minneapolis Airport? Was he playing footsy with one foot or two?


Not-So-Colluding Commie Strikes Back Against Kincaid (And Us)

Topic: Accuracy in Media

We noted that back in July, Accuracy in Media's Cliff Kincaid was touting the word of a self-proclaimed communist named Alan Maki as "deadly confirmation that a hard-core CPUSA member [Frank Marshall Davis] played a key role in helping raise [Barack] Obama," further describing Maki as a "friendly fellow." Turns out Maki isn't eager about the connection.

In the midst of a lengthy screed attacking us for being "a Democratic Party hack" and suggesting that we would be joining Conrad Black in jail -- we're not sure exactly what brought this on since all we did was note Kincaid's approving cite of him and criticism of Maki and Kincaid by Frank Marshall Davis, who claims to be Frank Marshall Davis' son -- Maki made the following declaration:

In fact, the “collusion” to which Krepel refers--- between me and Cliff Kincaid--- is me telling Mr. Kincaid in no uncertain terms--- using language I am sure Mr. Krepel would object to--- to never call me again, and my reporting his calls to me to the United States Department of Justice, the Minnesota Attorney General, Lori Swanson, and the Minnesota Commissioner of Public Safety, Michael Campion because I consider Kincaid’s call to me to be part of the vicious right-wing hate campaign against me initially instigated by Brian Melendez in his attempt to silence me from bringing forward working class issues involving the rights of casino workers; public ownership as a means to save the closing St. Paul Ford Twin Cities Assembly Plant; bringing forward the issue of single-payer universal health care as the MN DFL Party leadership was trying to betray the wishes of Minnesotans on this issue; and my persistent opposition to this dirty imperialist war for oil in Iraq predicated upon lies and deceit which the Democrats acquiesced to and went right along with--- including funding the carnage in Iraq when that money is needed right here at home for education, health care and housing.


In fact, Mr. Krepel, had you bothered to pick up the phone and make two-calls… you would have found that I forced Cliff Kincaid to recant his vicious and malicious postings about me because had he not, I intended to sue him for libel and defamation of character. I wouldn’t walk across the street to vote for your dear Barack Obama; and Cliff Kincaid tried to use me to demonstrate Communist Party USA support for Barack Obama. As a proud long-time member of the CPUSA it would be a cold day in hell before I ever voted for a capitalist politician no matter what their name… I have stated my intent to vote for Cynthia McKinney--- a real progressive and the best Democrat in the race. My one and only interest in the Obama Campaign is to try to make sure working peoples’ voices are heard loud and clear by the incoming Obama Administration and my blog postings make this crystal clear… unlike you, I state where I stand and what motivates me right up front…

Well, all righty, then.

Maki then goes off and makes numerous false about us, which leads to the aforementioned linking of us with Conrad Black over our original cheekily alliterative headline, "Is Kincaid Colluding With a Commie?"

Your headline reminds me of what Conrad Black wrote about me: “Commie, Go Home.”

Mr. Krepel, you might want to take note of where Mr. Black currently makes his home.

Which begs the question: Why did Kincaid, initially at least, treat Maki as a credible source? That raises some questions about Kincaid's judgment. Is Kincaid so desperate to smear Obama that he'll take the word of just anyone? If Maki sent the same kind of screeds Kincaid's way as he did ours, does Kincaid still think he's a "friendly fellow" whose word can be trusted?

Posted by Terry K. at 12:50 AM EDT