Thursday, August 14, 2008

Cliff Kincaid and Terry Krepel are two racist and anti-communist creeps in the same pod

Anti-communism and racism go together. Usually people think of anti-communists and racists as being of the ultra-right variety.

This is not the case.

Liberals are some of the biggest racists and anti-communists.

A case in point: Terry Krepel.

This creepy Krepel is out to prove that Barack Obama is not a Communist.

People do have a right to be a Communist. I am a Communist. This is my right.

So what if Barack Obama is a Communist? So what if Frank Marshall Davis was Obama's "mentor." So what if Barack Obama read the writings of Frank Marshall Davis.

According to liberal Terry Krepel who spends his life trying to deny the accusations being made by Cliff Kincaid of Accuracy in Media funded by Richard Mellon Scaife that Obama might be a Communist I ask, "Who cares"?

What is this we are all going to be judged by what books we decide to check out of the public library now?

This creepy Krepel of Media Matters is playing the same filthy game Hubert Humphrey played.

I have read three books by Frank Marshall Davis since becoming aware the guy ever existed a few months ago. Reading these books hasn't hurt me or my children. We read a lot of Frank Marshall Davis' writings together. My kids loved his poetry. So did the neighborhood kids. We took a drive along the North Shore and read to each other as the waves hit the rocks. I have never seen my kids so eager to read anything.

Now along comes this Cliff Kincaid a bigoted Bircher teaming up with this liberal creep Krepel trying to make it look like Obama is somehow unfit for office if some Marxist thinking might have rubbed off from Frank Marshall Davis on him. The Bircher claiming Obama is unfit to assume the presidency if he is a Marxist. The liberal creep Krepel saying the exact same thing because he is desperately trying to prove Obama is no Marxist.

To both the Bircher and the liberal their warped thinking coincides at the point they both use a person's Marxist world outlook to say that person is not fit to hold public office. To me this kind of thinking is everything democracy is not.

The Bircher and the liberal both express anti-communism.

The Bircher and the liberal both express openly racist ideas in doing this because they are saying we don't have the right to consider the views of an Africa-American Communist. What the Bircher and the liberal are saying is that we don't have the right to check out the books from the public library if those books are written by a Communist who is African-American.

What Kincaid and Krepel are both saying is that because I have read the views of Frank Marshall Davis I am not qualified to hold public office and I resent this.

What both Cliff Kincaid and Terry Krepel should be concerned about is a candidate running for public office whose mind is as closed as their own in fearing to read Marxist ideas.

A kind old man who had the courage to live his life according to his Marxist views befriended a fatherless Barack Obama. I would think we would appreciate that Frank Marshall Davis had the human compassion to mentor a youth who it looks to me didn't turn out all that bad.

Are Kincaid and Krepel now going to suggest that the Big Brother programs should start screening participants to exclude them if they read books by Frank Marshall Davis or heaven forbid they are Marxists?

How far do we carry the demented logic of Cliff Kincaid and Terry Krepel? Should I be denied the right to vote because I am a Marxist? My vote could be the one vote that elects Barack Obama. We know Sam Webb intends to vote for Obama. Should Sam Webb be denied the right to vote?

So what if the Communist Party USA supports Barack Obama? Bill Clinton supports Barack Obama. John Edwards supports Barack Obama. So do millions of other people in this country support Barack Obama. Should we investigate every single Barack Obama supporter to see if they have ever done something not to someone's liking like read books by Frank Marshall Davis?

I am surprised Kincaid and Krepel don't ask Barack Obama if he ever voted for a Communist or Marxist for public office. If he did does it matter to anyone?

I would just love to have a president for a change that knows how to read. Listen to George Bush "reading" his speeches. He can't even pronounce half the words. I have noticed the right-wing nuts like Cliff Kincaid champion stupidity. The liberals like Terry Krepel think they should do our thinking and reading for us.

A true liberal would not bother trying to refute any claims of Cliff Kincaid accusing Barack Obama of being a Marxist or a Communist. A true liberal would simply say, "Who cares"?

Cliff Kincaid and Terry Krepel both have a similar anti-communist and racist agenda.

For all I know Cliff Kincaid might walk around at night with a white sheet over his head. Someone told me Terry Krepel is a pedophile. I hope he stays away from Duluth.