Monday, November 17, 2008

First Wall Street Bankers. Now the Big Three automakers.

Has anyone noticed if this "letter" has been published?

U.S. Steel and Cleveland Cliffs will probably be standing in line too.


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November 12, 2008

First Wall Street Bankers. Now the Big Three automakers. Who is coming for a handout and free lunch next? The lobbying industry?

The government is prepared to let the St. Paul Ford Twin City Assembly Plant and two-thousand jobs go down the river because there was no money to save this one plant, and now tax-payers are being told--- not even asked--- that they will be bailing out the entire auto industry.

Obviously free enterprise has failed. Why should tax-payers bailout the Big Three when in a few months the price of each of the Big Three's stocks should be less than one-dollar a share.

Tax-payers will have the opportunity to purchase the entire automotive industry for a real bargain for far less than what the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are costing us.

A board consisting of all the stake-holders could be brought together and we could finally produce quality products which are environmentally friendly... not to mention affordable.

Capitalism hasn't worked; socialism will.

The Big Three cry poverty after they have taken the wealth created by North American workers and invested that wealth in quest of cheaper labor and resources overseas.

I don't believe politicians would even consider turning over one penny to these greedy corporations without even having had the opportunity to see their books... all the books, including their international operations.

What tax-payers finance, tax-payers should own.

Nationalization under public ownership is the solution to the problems of the auto industry.

The time has come to put People, Jobs and the Environment Before Corporate Profits!

Alan L. Maki

58891 County Road 13

Warroad, Minnesota 56763

Phone: 218-386-2432

Cell phone: 651-587-5541


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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Cliff Kincaid should let it rest

Cliff Kincaid and his flock of rightwing crazies should just calm down.

First they campaigned against Alan Maki. Then they campaigned against me.

Looks to me like Kincaid is going to overdose on anti-communism.

Kincaid should settle down and come along for the socialist ride.


Friday, November 7, 2008

Support coordinated actions to demand the bail out of the American people, not the bankers

International League of Peoples' Struggle Chairperson Jose Maria Sison, left, with former US Attorney General Ramsey Clark.

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

By Professor Jose Maria Sison

Chairperson, International Coordinating Committee
International League of Peoples' Struggle

Through the International Action Center and BAYAN-USA, we the International League of Peoples' Struggle convey to all the organizers, participants and the entire American people our firm and militant solidarity with and support for the National Coordinated Actions to Bail Out the People, Not the Bankers! From October 24 to 27.

We welcome the marches and demonstrations in front of the offices of the Federal Reserve Bank, the US Treasury Department, major banks and other financial institutions that are involved in generating and continuing to aggravate the economic and financial crisis that plagues the US and entire world capitalist system. This is the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression and is on the way to becoming the Great Depression II.

We hold responsible and condemn the US monopoly bourgeoisie for the economic and financial crisis. The root cause encompasses the extraction of surplus value by the monopoly bourgeoisie from the labor power of the working class, the relentless accumulation of capital in the hands of the few and the pressing down of the wage level and social benefits, the repeated and worsening crisis of overproduction, the use of the monopoly capitalist state to gather public resources and deliver them to the giant corporations, the use of imperialist power to exploit cheap labor, market and raw materials on a global scale, the unbridled use of monopoly finance capital for speculation and the unregulated expansion of debt financing to cover the fundamental problems of US and global capitalism.

The monopoly bourgeoisie has accelerated the concentration and centralization of capital in its hands and has benefitted from the policy of “neoliberal globalization” to the extreme detriment of the US working class and the working people all over the world. Now, in flagrant deviation from its hypocritical “free market” dogma, the monopoly bourgeois state shamelessly delivers trillions of dollars to the finance oligarchy and the rest of the monopoly bourgeoisie (no more than one per cent of population) in an attempt to bail them out from the economic and financial crisis of their own making.

Nothing is being done nor will be done by the US imperialist state to rescue or help the ordinary American people, including the American working class and the now impoverished middle class, from the rigors of industrial decline, rising unemployment, unpaid debts, mortgage foreclosures and the aggravating conditions of recession which can no longer be hidden by debt financing. No amount of money from the imperialist state to the monopoly bourgeoisie can stimulate the US economy.

The bailout money poured into the financial banking sector does not flow into the money stream available to the working classes and the people nor to the real economy. A big portion of the bailout money is being used by stronger banks to buy out bankrupted banks. It is also being used to pump up the stock prices of the banks and some other favored corporations in a spurt of speculative frenzy that ends in the dumping of the stocks. In sharp contrast, large numbers of people are losing their jobs and homes and can no longer pay for the products made in the USA and abroad.

We support the mass protests of the American people and their just demand for the US government to declare an economic state of emergency for the specific purpose of adopting and implementing emergency measures to help the people and not the banks. Among the measures are: emergency moratorium on home foreclosures and evictions; no budget cuts in education, health care and all social services; no lay offs, extend unemployment benefits; no utility shut-offs; debt relief for students, poor and working people; protect public and private pensions; and jobs at a living wage .

Trillions of dollars from the US monopoly capitalist state are being provided to the finance oligarchy, the military-industrial complex and the wars of aggression in Iraq and Afghanistan. But there is no bailout money fort the American people who are the real creators of wealth and who have long fleeced by the monopoly bourgeoisie and its imperialist state.

We are glad that the grass roots, community and youth organizations, trade unionists, anti-racist forces, the anti-war movement and others outraged by the state bailout of the banks are moving to arouse and mobilize the people for mass actions in various cities of the US. Only if they act concertedly and militantly can the American people hope to alleviate their suffering and open the road to a better life of greater real freedom, social justice, prosperity and all-round progress.

The US is the center of the world capitalist system. It has generated the economic and financial crisis that is destroying the forces of production and wreaking havoc on the lives of the people on a global scale. Therefore, the American people play an important role in waging resistance against the US monopoly bourgeoisie and in raising just demands. May their example of resistance inspire the people of the world!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Hope, Change. Where?

No sooner did Barack Obama get elected and here come the same old business people to advise him.

Does anyone think all these people being talked about for cabinet positions are anything new?

I don't see anything except problems ahead.

Where are all those progressives for Obama? I don't think we will see anything of them until the next election except for their names on books at Barnes and Noble. No doubt they are sleeping off their hangovers from celebrating. Just a bunch of no shows for the controversy and fights in front of us. Talk about your summer soldiers and sunshine patriots.


Saturday, November 1, 2008

From Cliff Kincaid to Rhoda Gilman... there is a campaign of hate

This campaign of hate is one of sheer arrogance aimed directly at minimizing the right of working people to participate in the political process.

Look at what these stupid people say:

Cliff Kincaid-

"Maybe she is hoping that Barack will somehow overrule the judge and allow her to stay. On another note isn’t it nice that despite living in public housing that she has managed to contribute to Obama’s campaign?"

No one living in public housing should be allowed full participation in the political process?

Rhoda Gilman-

"I attended the candidates' debate on Saturday at Sabathani Center. There was no question about the winner. Farheen is vigorous and brimming with ideas; Jeff is a nice, friendly guy, obese, and neither energetic nor very articulate. The Republican didn't bother to show up. The audience was small, but it included some interesting people."

Get this coming from someone boasting of being liberal-

"Jeff is a nice, friendly guy, obese, and neither energetic nor very articulate."

(Farheen Hakeem the Green Party candidate)

This is one of the very worst examples of racist and anti-working class bigotry I have ever come across in my life. Gilman throws in "guy" too just to make sure she has used every divisive tactic possible.

Jeff Hayden is an African-American DFL candidate for State Representative. I know nothing about his politics. If this is what the Green Party is about, forget it. Who needs this kind of bigotry in politics. I expect bigotry against working people and people of color from fascists like Cliff Kincaid not from Greens like Rhoda Gilman.

We need a labor party in this country. A party that will stick to the issues of importance to working people who come in all shapes, sizes, colors and sex.

What is this bit about "articulate"? Now you have to be thin, energetic and articulate in order to gain credibility to run for public office? No wonder we get stuck with what Alan Maki calls a bunch of "dumb donkeys" and "dumb clucks" for politicians.

Now you can add "rotten watermelons" to the dumb donkeys and dumb clucks.

I am still going to vote for Cynthia McKinney.

No wonder with a bunch of racist, anti-worker bigots like Rhoda Gilman heading up the Green Party the Greens have failed to get out the vote for McKinney.