Saturday, November 1, 2008

From Cliff Kincaid to Rhoda Gilman... there is a campaign of hate

This campaign of hate is one of sheer arrogance aimed directly at minimizing the right of working people to participate in the political process.

Look at what these stupid people say:

Cliff Kincaid-

"Maybe she is hoping that Barack will somehow overrule the judge and allow her to stay. On another note isn’t it nice that despite living in public housing that she has managed to contribute to Obama’s campaign?"

No one living in public housing should be allowed full participation in the political process?

Rhoda Gilman-

"I attended the candidates' debate on Saturday at Sabathani Center. There was no question about the winner. Farheen is vigorous and brimming with ideas; Jeff is a nice, friendly guy, obese, and neither energetic nor very articulate. The Republican didn't bother to show up. The audience was small, but it included some interesting people."

Get this coming from someone boasting of being liberal-

"Jeff is a nice, friendly guy, obese, and neither energetic nor very articulate."

(Farheen Hakeem the Green Party candidate)

This is one of the very worst examples of racist and anti-working class bigotry I have ever come across in my life. Gilman throws in "guy" too just to make sure she has used every divisive tactic possible.

Jeff Hayden is an African-American DFL candidate for State Representative. I know nothing about his politics. If this is what the Green Party is about, forget it. Who needs this kind of bigotry in politics. I expect bigotry against working people and people of color from fascists like Cliff Kincaid not from Greens like Rhoda Gilman.

We need a labor party in this country. A party that will stick to the issues of importance to working people who come in all shapes, sizes, colors and sex.

What is this bit about "articulate"? Now you have to be thin, energetic and articulate in order to gain credibility to run for public office? No wonder we get stuck with what Alan Maki calls a bunch of "dumb donkeys" and "dumb clucks" for politicians.

Now you can add "rotten watermelons" to the dumb donkeys and dumb clucks.

I am still going to vote for Cynthia McKinney.

No wonder with a bunch of racist, anti-worker bigots like Rhoda Gilman heading up the Green Party the Greens have failed to get out the vote for McKinney.