Monday, July 21, 2008

Priscilla Lord Faris to challenge Al Franken for United States Senate...

I haven't decided if I will support Priscilla Lord Faris or not. I do know I have no intention to vote for Al Franken. Like Alan Maki has been saying, "Al Franken is the epitome of a dumb donkey."

At least Priscilla Lord Faris is intelligent and her father, Miles Lord, must have taught her to have some compassion for people.

The down side for me is that she is mimicking everything Barack Obama says. I won't vote for Obama; I might vote for Priscilla Lord Faris in the DFL primary.

Another downside to Priscilla Lord Faris is that she pumps up Hubert Humphrey, who, in my opinion, was the worst two-faced, opportunist politician to walk the face of the earth. My radar goes up anytime I hear anyone praising Hubert Humphrey. Humphrey authored the Communist Control Act and kissed up to Lyndon Johnson in supporting the war in Vietnam. Humphrey knew how to suck up to the big corporations, too.

I would be more encouraged if she had more in common with Rudy Perpich than Hubert Humphrey.

That these Democrats like Brian Melendez and Andy O'Leary are upset and going postal is good enough for me to vote for Priscilla Lord Faris in the primary. We need to get Al Franken out of there he is nothing but a loser. Franken stands for nothing and doesn't care about anyone.

It's probably too much to hope for that Priscilla Lord Faris will be any better than the rest of these Democrats; but she does seem pretty feisty to me. I think we need to see where she comes down on the issues. I will definitely keep an open mind on this one maybe there is some potential that Priscilla Lord Faris will work for some real change beyond if she is anything like Judge Miles Lord.

I am hoping Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer has the good sense and decency to support Priscilla Lord Faris in the primary.

Whatever, check out the web site Priscilla Lord Faris has up:

A good primary fight where some of the real issues come forward will be well worth it. There should be more primary challenges. This stuff about letting a handful of party big shots choose the candidates is for the birds.

One thing that bothers me to no end is none of these Democrats seem to understand what working people are up against as capitalism is taking a nose dive. Then again we have Communist Party USA leaders sitting in their glass offices in New York who should be out at gas stations carrying signs saying, "We are fed up" and building the fight back. Come to think of it why aren't we all out there carrying signs, picketing and protesting and raising hell in front of Mobil gas stations. Boycott these crooks. There just doesn't seem to be any political movement or action in the streets to match the rising anger over the direction of our country. What's with this? Anyone know?

Check out the post below by Alan Maki. I would say "ditto" for Priscilla Lord Faris. We need to hear some real solutions. I have nothing against millionaires even though I don't know any but geesh if these people are going to run for public office we should at least get something for our votes. We need to put the pressure on and find out where Priscilla Lord Faris stands on socialized health care.