Tuesday, July 1, 2008

John McCain... hero or war criminal?

Alan Maki was writing about health care reform and included this about John McCain that I thought really stated how things are:

"John McCain has one pathetic claim to fame which he says qualifies him to be President of the United States of America: he got shot down reigning death and destruction on the Vietnamese people and Obama can’t even bring himself to denounce McCain for the warmongering murderer he really is. Make no mistake, McCain is no hero… McCain is a war criminal who deserved to get shot out of the sky for what he was doing in Vietnam. McCain received better medical care from his Vietnamese captors than what most working people receive when they go to a doctor or hospital and McCain walked out of Vietnam without a bill for the medical care he received and Uncle Sam has never paid his bill or compensated the Vietnamese for the death and destruction they suffered at the hands of John McCain and his “buddies.” And here we are, in another quagmire in Iraq, another boon-doggle in Afghanistan; and Obama and McCain are cheering on Bush to go to war with Iran while both ignore the real health care needs of their own people as money is wasted creating death and destruction in the countries of others."

I agree with this assessment of John McCain. It is bad enough we presently have a cowardly draft-dodger who believed everyone except for him should have been taken off to fight that dirty war in Vietnam and got his father to pull strings to keep him out of the war others got drafted to fight against their will.

Now it looks like the United States might actually be one of the few countries in the world where a murdering warmonger and war criminal serves as President.

Just sickening that a man like John McCain who piloted a plane dropping bombs from the sky creating death, horror, destruction and havoc for the innocent people in Vietnam might actually sit in the White House conducting press conferences from the Rose Garden.

Only in America.

I point out that Alan Maki, in writing the above, does so as one of the thousands of Americans who courageously refused to fight Uncle Sam's Vietnam War.