Thursday, April 3, 2008

When Will Democracy Come To The USA?

I received an e-mail this evening. I have been wondering what is going on with the DFL not solving any problems.

This kind of explains things.


To All Members of the MN DFL State Central Committee

Lee Soltis, Chair, Roseau County DFL

And, To whom it may concern:

Brian Melendez, the Chair of the Minnesota Democratic Farmer-Labor Party has caused to be orchestrated a another campaign of hate, intimidation and terror against me… in an effort to silence me.

Joining Melendez in this campaign of hate is one George “Uncle Geo” Greene and a sundry of other worthless, spineless political hacks.

This campaign of intimidation comes as a result of my leading the continuing fight for passage of SF 607 aimed at saving the St. Paul Ford Twin Cities Assembly Plant, the hydro dam and the jobs of two-thousand workers by exposing the shenanigans and failure of DFL members of the Senate Committee on Business, Industry and Jobs who thwarted the efforts of concerned Minnesotans to find out how they voted on SF 607 so that a new vote could be had after Jim Metzen the banker/politician failed to get passage of this legislation through this important Senate Committee which he chairs, and in retaliation for my speeches, postings and writings voicing my concerns and opinions about the pathetic excuses the Democratic Party has chosen to put before voters for President--- Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

I posted my opinions on several popular list serves, and on my blogs--- which I invite you to read.

I began getting all kinds of filthy and derogatory e-mails and threatening phone calls after Melendez started discussing my postings on a list serve with members of the MN DFL leadership; and, after members of the Senate Committee on Business, Industry and Jobs began discussing “the need to silence Alan Maki.”

As you are well aware, for a number of years now--- eight years to be exact--- the leadership of the Minnesota Democratic Farmer-Labor Party began this campaign of harassment and intimidation against me in retaliation for exposing the racist and corrupt “Compacts” which gave birth to the casino industry here in Minnesota. This casino industry now employs some thirty-thousand Minnesotans in loud, noisy, smoke-filled casinos at poverty wages without any rights under state or federal labor laws as these casino managements dominated by some of the most racist, bigoted, vile, violent and notorious mobsters who own all the slot machines, gaming tables and gambling paraphernalia in each of the casinos in Minnesota started crying; these mobsters rule these workplaces using the most Draconian methods to keep casino workers under control in what can only be described as “right-to-work-for-less colonies” strung out across Minnesota. These casino managements contribute millions of dollars in campaign contributions--- mainly to the Minnesota Democratic Farmer-Labor Party. As is well known, many of these contributions are made in cash which comes wrapped in plain brown paper shopping bags without any accountability--- in complete violation of state and federal campaign laws.

Minnesota’s working people are now stuck without any political representation in The Cities. In fact, Minnesotans are increasingly referring to what passes for a state legislature as, “the circus in The Cities” and some of “the best paid clowns in the world.”

In addition to the problems I have cited above, which are going without being resolved, we have:

Some thirty-thousand Minnesotans being unjustly fired every year, many after engaging in efforts to unionize their places of employment. Employers are then allowed--- by law--- to challenge the unemployment claims of these workers, often forcing these workers and their families into dire straits and lives of poverty.

Thousands of Minnesotans now have no access to health care… we all know the only solution to the health care mess is socialized health care. If there is anything wrong that a socialized solution to the health care mess created by a bunch of greedy doctors, for profit hospitals and HMO’s administered by high paid executives, money-grubbing pharmaceutical companies and the insurance industry, we might as well close down the public schools and privatize the public libraries, police and fire services because they are all socialized institutions.

Minnesota is the “Land of Ten Thousand Lakes” and every single stream, river and lake is now polluted because the politics of corruption has spun a web of uncaring, insensitive politicians without any shame as they stick their hands behind their backs waiting for corporate payoffs called campaign contributions because they will only respond to the concerns of big-business lobbyists.

The Big Bog in Northern Minnesota is being mined for peat as this primary North American freshwater aquifer is being destroyed while mercury and dioxin contaminated drainage is flowing to the north across the Canadian border angering our neighbors who take pride in living healthy lives.

United States Steel’s MinnTac operation at Mt. Iron is being allowed to purge some of the most deadly contaminants known to man from its cute and cleverly named “Clearwater Reservoir” into the streams, rivers and lakes of Northern Minnesota.

Ethanol production now threatens our remaining freshwater aquifers as more energy is wasted to produce the fuel than what it is worth; our tax-dollars again are subsidizing the profits of private industries.

Tens of thousands of Minnesotans are being evicted from their homes as the culprits behind this mortgage scandal are allowed to flee to their luxurious homes in the Bahamas and other resort communities around the world in order to evade prosecution.

A bridge has collapsed with innocent victims crushed to death in a mangled mass of concrete and steel while others met their deaths by drowning as families weep this rotten government tries to wriggle its way out of all responsibility and offers the families of the victims less than corporate lobbyists are paid for three months of bribing and cajoling politicians.

The imperialist wars in Iraq and Afghanistan continue as the filled body bags return home as the wounded are tucked out of sight and the suicides go unreported.

The Minnesota Democratic Farmer-Labor Party continues to support the Israeli carnage of Palestinian people; and Walter Mondale crawled out of his dark, dank, moldy cave just long enough to encourage Bush to bomb the North Koreans who never hurt anyone.

There is no shortage of social problems as there is in affordable housing as the “economic miracle” of capitalism we find out is nothing more than a “bubble” about to burst.

The Democrats have allowed Bush, Cheney and Pawlenty’s Republicans off the hook for being nothing but a bunch of crooks.

Look, we all know the well-heeled leaders of the Minnesota Democratic Farmer-Labor Party who hail from Summit Hill, the other up-scale neighborhoods and the luxurious gated communities loathe the suggestion of any solutions which hints of anything that might be considered to be expanding socialism in our state; however, we also know that these callous and die-hard advocates of neo-liberal policies which serve capitalist globalization so well, have tried every conceivable free enterprise solution in trying to save the St. Paul Ford Twin Cities Assembly Plant… as the Republican Governor and Democratic Mayors of St. Paul and Minneapolis have pointed out so often; they acknowledge all their efforts have been in vain, and failed. Yet, these uncaring and insensitive politicians who have their hands out behind their backs waiting for the next payoffs from the real estate speculators and land management companies and architectural firms--- waiting impatiently for their payoffs hoping the wrecking ball hits soon--- they want the Ford Plant out of sight and out of mind; these corrupt politicians and their political hacks now turn their wrath on me because I have suggested a solution to saving the St. Paul Ford Twin Cities Assembly Plant, the hydro dam which powers the plant for free, and most importantly I have brought forward a solution which will not only save the existing two thousand jobs; but, in the process of saving this plant, create an additional seven-thousand more jobs… all at union wages with full benefits including healthcare and really good pensions.

But, the solution I bring forward involves public ownership, a term that rubs these callous, greedy and corrupt politicians and their well-paid political hacks the wrong way. Even St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman’s advisors have acknowledges that public ownership will work. But, because mayor Coleman’s friends cannot profit from this plan involving public ownership, which would be for the public good; Coleman and his friends want no part of public ownership even though it means saving the most important, and last remaining, pillar of Minnesota’s important industrial base.

These same politicians couldn’t pump the public funds into the Ford Twin Cities Assembly Plant and retrofitting the hydro dam providing Ford with free power for its own operation as it profited to the tune of tens of millions of dollars selling off the excess electricity to a corporation which then turned around and ripped-off our public schools, families and small business people charging exorbitant electric rates; these politicians couldn’t pump public funds into Ford’s fabulously profitable operation fast enough, as long as Ford considered it was making hefty maximum profits… and for this scheme, the Ford Motor Company was rewarding these corrupt politicians handsomely with payoffs which kept them in office.

Now that I have brought forward the concept of “what tax-payers have financed, tax-payers should own,” a concept most voters in Minnesota agree with, these politicians want to shut me up… after they spent over thirty-million dollars of public funds only recently to build a state of the art educational, research, and training center that we were told would assure jobs for Minnesotans into the next century.

In fact, a huge bus plant in Winnipeg, Manitoba was brought under public ownership to save it from closing and it continues doing very well… so well it was sold to a firm from Finland; the Green Bay Packers, one of our country’s most popular and successful professional football teams, and even the State Bank of North Dakota are not only doing just fine under public ownership--- they are thriving as a direct result of public ownership.

DFL’er Roger Moe, campaigning for Governor--- boasted to voters: I led the fight that saved the St. Paul Ford Twin Cities Assembly Plant and thousands of good paying union jobs for Minnesota workers… elect me Governor and I will lead the same bi-partisan effort to bring more good paying union jobs to Minnesota.”

Where is Roger Moe now? Hiding out on the farm. Where is the DFL leadership? Squirming like slimy, slippery worms.

Now that saving the St. Paul Ford Twin Cities Assembly Plant and thousands of jobs requires Democratic politicians speaking up, they remain silent. DFL’er Senator Jim Metzen can go to the bar and get tanked and then picked up by the police and arrested for drunk driving, but he can’t get a piece of legislation to save two-thousand jobs through his Committee on Business, Industry and Jobs even though DFL’ers dominate this Committee eleven to seven. Why? Because public ownership is morally repulsive to this fine upstanding citizen who is the Vice-President of Community Relations for Key Bank. Metzen finds nothing morally repulsive about getting drunk and driving down the street where he could very well have injured or killed a little kid or an entire family.

With all these problems going unresolved, one would think that the leaders of the Minnesota Democratic Farmer-Labor Party would have better things to do than to carry on a campaign of harassment, intimidation and hate trying to silence one “red” Finn who has brought forward into the market-place of ideas a way that everyone agrees will save the St. Paul Ford Twin Cities Assembly Plant and two-thousand jobs.

Brian Melendez is in a tizzy because I said I wouldn’t bother to cross the street to vote for any of these worthless, corrupt, corporate-serving Democrats.

For quite some time now Brian Melendez has been working in league with the Las Vegas law firm of lobbyists--- Brownstein/Hyatt/Farber/Schreck in trying to silence me… this law firm represents some of the worst creeps in the casino industry and is funding all three presidential candidates: Hillary Clinton, Barrack Obama and John McCain. Does anyone get what is going on? There isn’t a dimes bit of difference between the Democrats and the Republicans other than the manner in which they want to screw you.

Minnesota DFL’er Marc Asch has coined a new term which I think aptly applies to Melendez and his entourage of high-paid political hacks whose loyalties extend to the end of their purse strings… twit.

Another DFL’er, Tim Morse, of Congressional District Four, apparently just wants off the sinking ship--- or so he tries to explain.

This brings us to poor little George “Uncle Geo” Greene… who begs, “Maki, Maki, please, please, please just go away and leave us alone--- at least until after Election Day.”

Perhaps it is time for all of us to bail out of this sinking ship, and catch the real people’s express where a sincere effort will be made to solve these problems working people are experiencing.

Hey, hey, “Uncle Geo,” do you want to ring the bell, or blow the whistle?

Alan L. Maki

58891 County Road 13

Warroad, Minnesota 56763

Phone: 218-386-2432

Cell phone: 651-587-5541


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