Friday, April 4, 2008

Michiganians say: We want jobs and no to war

Attention: Our Minnesota Resolutions on saving the St. Paul Ford Twin Cities Assembly Plant can be found here:

I love to see the way this issue on saving jobs is heating up. We need to make it the number one issue in this election campaign.

Alan Maki just got back from a swing through Wisconsin and Michigan where he met with dozens of people in their homes, spoke at meetings, forums, rallies and demonstrations.

Stay tuned... I will be posting information about an important meeting Alan participated in at Republic, Michigan. Republic is a small city located on the edge of a former iron ore mining operation in Michigan's beautiful Upper Peninsula. This meeting was hosted by a couple old "red" Finns. Exciting stuff!


Resolution on Saving Manufacturing Jobs

With the continued attacks on workers and the endless layoffs and closings of plants, people in Michigan have put together this resolution to use during this election season:

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Support Manufacturing Jobs!

Resolution on Saving Manufacturing Jobs

Whereas our manufacturing base is steadily being eroded and

Whereas this loss of jobs is harmful to our nation and the communities we live in and

Whereas those good paying jobs are frequently replaced with lower paying non-union ones that are driving down the standard of living for all working families and

Whereas the loss of our core manufacturing industry will mean the
loss of our technological edge and vital skills and reduced tax revenues for schools and public services and

Whereas every manufacturing job creates seven others and supports small business, directly and indirectly related to manufacturing and

Whereas the $170 billion we are annually spending on the war in Iraq takes away money that could be better used to rebuild our industrial base and retrain workers

Therefore in rebuilding our industrial base primary attention needs to be placed on locating these new facilities in communities with high unemployment and historic manufacturing centers, such as Detroit, Pontiac, Grand Rapids and Flint and

Therefore by rebuilding our industrial base and with it the construction of mass transit, environmentally friendly autos, affordable and energy efficient housing, and the modernization of our infrastructure, we will create jobs, provide cleaner air for all of us, lower individual family's energy bills, and allow greater energy independence for America

Therefore be it resolved that we call on the Presidential candidates to state their support for taking one-half of the money currently being spent in Iraq to be used instead to rebuild industry and provide jobs in the United States.

Posted by Melissa O'Rourke