Saturday, November 17, 2007

A Question... a great suggestion

The $1.6 trillion dollar question...

The $1.6 trillion dollar question...

The $1.6 trillion dollar question...

The $1.6 trillion dollar question...

The $1.6 trillion dollar question...

A new study by Democrats themselves puts the economic cost of the Iraq occupation at $1.6 TRILLION, or $21,000 per family. Every single penny has been wasted - not to mention the human cost to Americans and Iraqis and global hatred of the USA.

Why would Democrats want to give Bush one penny more?

I bet someone really creative could come up with a nice set of posters, leaflets, buttons, sample letters to the editor, resolutions, and petitions for an effective tabling effort around these three sentences.

I am thinking if we combined a strategy focused on these three sentences while suggesting that this money could be better used to:

* Establish a national bank to take over home mortgages to provide working people with low interest mortgages to save their homes from foreclosures; and, finance the building of low rent public housing;

* Bring the St. Paul Ford Twin Cities Assembly Plant and Hydro Dam under public ownership in order to save 2,000 jobs; and

* Provide the start-up costs to finance a single-payer, universal health care system…

We can turn this country around.

This is just the ticket towards building our movement the way it really needs to be built--- person by person, neighborhood by neighborhood, school by school and workplace by workplace.

A very good place to begin this tabling effort would be at your local supermarket or food co-op while building up to local precinct caucus meetings… this is how you can meet a lot of concerned and politically active people who might be willing to help build this effort with you.

I am forwarding this idea around to activists with Minnesotans for Peace and Social Justice

Please join me in forwarding this e-mail to everyone on your e-lists.

This is the kind of activity that could take on the effect of a little snowball rolling down a steep, long hill on a warm spring day. If each and every person who participated in the demonstrations against the war on October 27 were to take up this kind of initiative we could put an end to this dirty war and change our country for the better.

Not one more penny, not one more vote for this dirty war.

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OK folks, lets put our heads together. I think we have a winner here. Something for everyone opposed to this war to get involved in at some level and in some way. This is the kind of grassroots activity it will take to end this war.

It seems to me we have skipped this important step in movement building of establishing a good solid foundation and building the peace movement one brick at a time.

Here in Duluth we had a huge demonstration in opposition to the war when it first started. What happened? We failed to go back out into our neighborhoods and continue building.

Public sentiment and opinion is about as overwhelming as public opinion can get on an issue but the masters of deceit and the bullies of war march on in complete defiance of the democratic will of the people.

We focus on building big demonstrations nationally, regionally, and some locally but we don't depart from these demonstrations with the concept in mind we need to go back out into our neighborhoods and work in a way where we bring some more people along to the next demonstration or activity. This needs to be corrected and this is a good way to make the correction.

I have another opinion. I think we waste a heck of a lot of time concerning ourselves with working for a bunch of useless politicians.

I think if we would concentrate on organizing to end this stupid and senseless war the politicians would have to start coming to us for a change.

Let them go out and peddle their own leaflets and make their own phone calls and spend their own money to get elected.

The entire darn bunch of them treat us like a bunch of fools and take us for granted.

I don't see too many politicians turning out for our demonstrations against this immoral war. The few that do we should help. The others let them fend for themselves just like they do to us under this god-awful, dog-eat-dog system.

You know I watched that worthless Pawlenty on television today talking about spending two-million dollars providing counseling for people losing their homes when the SOB should have been talking about passing legislation prohibiting foreclosures altogether and ordering these big mortgage companies to cut the interest rates down to something affordable like 3% and order the mortgage companies to apply 75% of the outrageous interest people have already paid to these predatory parasites towards the principal on the homes.

How people stand for this crap I don't know. The time to have offered counseling was before people bought the homes.

Here we are bombing people out of their homes in Iraq and the money lenders are kicking people out of their homes here.

Look at the picture.

There is something wrong.

Pawlenty supports this war. Pawlenty is now willing to allow tens of thousands of Minnesotans to be kicked out of homes that with the exorbitant interest people have paid on these homes, the homes have often been paid for two, three, and four times over the original price.

The Democrats sit in silence and do nothing as tens of thousands of Minnesotans lose their homes; just the way they did when Bush started this war.

The Democrats refuse to step forward to assert themselves in stopping this war and they refuse to assert themselves in stopping the bankers from taking away our homes.

I wouldn't lift my little pinky to support any of them.

If the Democrats can't solve these basic problems by Election Day not one of them is getting my vote. What kind of fool would waste their time voting for a bunch of politicians who sit and watch these rich scumbags send our jobs overseas and then sit scratching their butt as the parasitic bankers take our homes?

Instead of putting up a campaign sign for someone like a worthless opportunist like Hillary Clinton, put up a sign to end the war. Put up a fight to stop foreclosures.

Let these Democrats learn that people will vote for them only if they become solidly identified with our struggles for peace and social justice. When I see a politician standing in the doorway preventing the sheriff from evicting people from their homes that's the day I will begin to vote.

The entire mess this country is in is sickening. Working people are the ones suffering.

Stand up people and fight back!

In Peace, Love and Solidarity-