Thursday, November 15, 2007

The e-mails continue to come in

I opened my e-mail and I couldn't believe all the mail. I thought holly cow my personal ad is finally paying off. No such luck.

People in the Duluth-Iron Range area are not happy at all with Joelle Fishman describing the campaigns of Cynthia McKinney and Cindy Sheehan as "negative" campaigns.

People even talk to me at work during lunch time and breaks about this posting I made.

Here is a sampling of opinions:

Bob Arroyo wrote from Duluth: So what if Cindy Sheehan gets elected. Won't the Democrats just have a real strong ally on their side if they are sincere in all the things they tell us they are for? People voted for Nancy Pelosi because they wanted an end to the bloody war. Now they can elect the real thing.

Tommy Bean from Two Harbors writes: My only regret is that McKinney and Sheehan are not running as a team to get into the White House.

Maribel Gary from Duluth says: What is with this Fishman woman? Doesn't she know this war is still going on? My kids are 2, 7, and 12. This war will still be going when my kids grow up if its up to the Democrats. I didn't raise my children so they have to go off to war and kill other people and maybe get killed theirself or lay in some dirty rat-infested hospital with their arm or leg blown off. McKinney and Sheehan are part of the peace movement that forced the Democrats to even talk about the war in the first place. I marched through downtown Duluth with other people trying to stop this war the Democrats gave Bush the permission to fight. If people remained silent we wouldn't even be hearing from the Democrats about the killing in Iraq. Thank God for McKinney and Sheehan they inspire hope and aren't afraid to act.

Justin Forrest wrote: I'm 17, still in high school. I live on the Iron Range and every single day military recruiters are in my school. I read about the high school kids in Illinois who protested the war and dozens got kicked out of school. We read about Vietnam in history class. I can see where this war is leading us. Pretty soon we will have people out in the streets every where. I say good. The more the better protesting. Cynthia McKinney and Cindy Sheehan represent these voices of protest. I am all for them. I will be able to vote on Election Day. I was going to do like my mom and dad do. They write in the name of the dead guy Gus Hall to protest not having anyone to vote for. I will cast my first vote for Cynthia McKinney.

Polly Hardin from Superior wrote: That Fishman woman should be ashamed of herself. If she expects me with two children growing up who will soon be draft age to keep voting Democrat she is nuttier than my grandma's fruitcake. I wouldn't vote for Hilary Clinton even if no one else was running.

Mickey Kaplan from St. Paul had this to say: I am just plain fed up with the Democrats. They say impeachment proceedings interfere with everything else they want to do. So far I haven't seen them do a damn thing. Maybe Joelle Fishman would like to pay for my health insurance.

Saundra Andrews from Cloquet wrote: I'm voting for Cynthia McKinney. To tell you the truth I never heard of this woman before. I was doing a Google search trying to get information about joining the Communist Party and your blog came up. I love your blog and your postings. Your picture of the two story out-house says it all- hilariously funny but how true.

Greg Watkins of rural Biwabik writes: Joelle Fishman must have some space for rent upstairs. What kind of communist would consider McKinney and Sheehan running for public office a problem?

Clara Kelly from Hibbing wrote: Fishman is way off the mark in her political thinking. There are a lot of things I disagree with the communist party on, this is one of those things. I don't think working people should have to bow to opportunist Democratic politicians all the time. It wouldn't hurt for the Democrats and Republicans to let some other folks have a say once in awhile.

Samantha Clark from Superior said: Cynthia McKinney was one of the very few Democrats along with Paul Wellstone who didn't buy into Bush's lies and deceit like most of the other Democrats did. No doubt the Democrats would have found someone to replace Wellstone, too, just like they did McKinney; he died, she hasn't. Wellstone is no longer a thorn in the side of Democrats--- Bush and Cheney made sure of that. Wellstone is dead so the Democrats can proclaim him a hero. They did the same thing with Martin Luther King. I don't understand something here. This Joelle Fishman woman thinks for political expediency we should continue voting for Democrats who first failed to see through the lies and gave their approval for the war, then they remained silent until Cindy Sheehan helped organize massive opposition to the war as Democrats continued to fund the war. Now along comes this Joelle Fishman whose thinking runs like this: we are supposed to vote for a party for war in order to stem the right-wing take-over of our country. Helloooooooooo! You-hoooo! Anybody home? The Democrats are a party of war which makes them part of the right-wing that has already taken over our country.

Well everyone, there you have the gist of the e-mails I received about Joelle Fishman's derogatory comments about Cynthia McKinney and Cindy Sheehan running for public office.

I didn't get a single e-mail supporting Joelle Fishman or Hillary Clinton. If someone sends me one I will post it on here.

I did receive a really funny e-mail about Hillary Clinton asking what Bill and Hillary have in common. It was a good one but I probably better not put the answer on here. Some people don't share my sense of humor.