Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Racist fired Bemidji City Planner, Rita Albrecht, cries foul

Early this morning, I was tipped off by a Bemidji City Council member that the fired racist Bemidji City Planner, Rita Albrecht, has carried her campaign of racist hate to "e-democracy" forum--- the Blandin Foundation operated front for the MNDFL.

Rita Albrecht has filed a complaint claiming accusations made against her in a posting are untrue.

Strange thing about the complaint is that Albrecht did not cite one single specific accusation she considers to be untrue.

The construction firm hired to oversee the building of the Bemidji Regional Event Center has filed as its response to a lawsuit accusing them of failing to enforce affirmative action policies and guidelines, that it was Rita Albrecht who told them they could just go ahead and overlook the City of Bemidji's affirmative action policies.

Rather than dealing with righting the racist injustices perpetrated by Rita Albrecht, the City of Bemidji simply tried to escape responsibility by eliminating the Department Rita Albrecht headed up.

The one and only person coming to the defense of the racist actions of Rita Albrecht is John McCarthy who is the head of the Minnesota Indian Gaming Association. After writing a letter to the editor of the Bemidji Pioneer Press, McCarthy has gone mysteriously silent and has tried to escape having to answer a very simple question:

Why did you come to the defense of Rita Albrecht?

Rumors are swirling through the Bemidji community because John McCarthy has a reputation as a "ladies man" and Rita Albrecht has now admitted a "close personal friendship" with John McCarthy.

Now people want to know just "how close" this friendship is and if Rita Albrecht and John McCarthy's "special" friendship doesn't go beyond what the rumors allude to since people are finding it strange that John McCarthy was instrumental in getting Albrecht's daughter a job with the corrupt, racist Democrat now running for Minnesota governor, Senator Tom Bakk.

As they say, racism and corruption make for strange bedfellows.