Monday, June 22, 2009

No end to racism in Minnesota

It has come to light that the huge construction firm Krause-Anderson has allowed their affirmative action certificate to expire.

We have to ask why the Minnesota Democratic Farmer-Labor Party is refusing to monitor affirmative action in Minnesota.

There has been a noticeable drop in minority hiring in Minnesota.

Racism is responsible for the high unemployment rate in minority communities as unemployment runs rampant on Indian Reservations with unemployment levels as much as ten times the Minnesota average.

This is disgraceful and needs to be corrected through tough enforcement of affirmative action programs and vigorous promotion of apprenticeship programs among Native Americans.

Perhaps if Native Americans had some representation in the Minnesota State Legislature and on Minnesota's Congressional delegation some attention would be paid to minority unemployment rates.

What is the Minnesota Civil Liberties Union's "Racial Justice Task Force" doing to put an end to racist discrimination in hiring practices besides paying Audrey Thayer a big fat salary for doing nothing except writing racism off as a "perception" by Native Americans languishing in poverty?

We need some answers. Even more we need to see action and solutions.