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Alan Maki has done it again. This time he has taken on the Zionists.

No wonder so many people have started attacking Alan Maki. He has stated a truth so many people want to hide.

I copied this comment Alan Maki made in a posting on a social networking site called Palestinian Mothers:

Alan posted this comment in response to a discussion he started in support of what Jimmy Carter said in an interview on National Public Radio. You can read or listen to Carter's interview here before reading Alan's comment:

Jimmy Carter: 'Start Early' For Peace In Mideast

I hope by posting this to my blog this will receive more discussion.


I don't think Obama or George Mitchell are going to take Carter's position seriously. In order to take Cater's position seriously it would mean that Obama and Mitchell will have to confront the bigotry that Zionism is... I wrote something in a post to a small e-mail list discussing Carter's appearance on Public Television and his statement concerning the use of the phrase "Disaster for Israel," and I am going to post it here, too... something for discussion:

In my opinion Israel is going to end up with a Palestinian/Arab majority no matter if there is a two-state solution or not. As Jimmy Carter says, ethnic cleansing is the only other “solution.”

I think Jimmy Carter is talking to the Zionists in saying that a one-state solution would be a “disaster” for Israel… he is giving them due warning. Notice Carter doesn’t say who this would be a disaster for. Perhaps he does in his book, I haven’t had the chance to read it. I think the assumption is that this “disaster” statement is aimed directly at the Zionists and I am sure these Zionists know this.

There is no way to get the Palestinians and Arabs out of Israel… this is their home… this is the bottom line.

Plus, what no one seems to want to acknowledge is that there are now thousands upon thousands of Palestinian/Jewish and Arab/Jewish families living in Israel.

If Jews and Palestinians and Jews and Arabs can sleep together they certainly can live in peace no matter if there is one state or two states or some kind of United States of the Middle East.

The only obstacle to peace is the Zionists who are filled with hate.

So, no matter single-state, two-state or some kind of multi-state solution, the Zionists are going to have to learn to live in peace without their superior attitudes towards everyone else… or, they might want to think about establishing their Zionist State in Miami Beach because sooner or later they are going to be driven out of Israel.

I think we all need to be clear on what the Zionists are talking about here… it is like the Ku Klux Klan demanding a “White State” here in the United States.

The Zionists, like all other bigots, won’t own up to their bigotry so they complicate this problem by making everyone think that what they want Israel to be is some kind of sovereign Jewish State, while refusing to tell people what they are really after is a Zionist State where they want to push the Palestinians and Arabs out… they don’t want to say this either because it exposes them for the bigots they are.

Any person of partial Jewish heritage who comes from a “mixed marriage” understands the bigotry and sheer meanness of the Zionists.

For political reasons, and maybe for his own personal safety, Jimmy Carter is very careful how he places this question… having to “finesse” in the kind of discussion we have about this issue doesn’t help matters either… In my opinion, we should stop trying to evade the real issue here… if we were talking about the racism of the KKK in attacking a black family moving into a “white neighborhood” we wouldn’t be concerned about offending these people running around with white sheets over their heads… we would be concerned for the black family needing protection. Well, the situation is the same in Israel… talk to any Palestinian/Jewish family and you will soon learn of the hateful way they are treated by these Zionist bigots.

I once asked a Rabbi friend of mine why he didn’t speak out against the evils of Zionism since he knew Zionism was a form of bigotry… and just the thought of him even considering taking this step got him upset… so upset you could see the fear in his face and hear the fright in his voice.

I have seen the same kind of fear in people around me while living in Virginia when I was at a party in a little community called Tappahannock, Virginia and I asked the people hosting the party, “Why the heck do you have a big picture of that racist, bigot Robert E. Lee hanging on your wall?” I could tell lots of people there were thinking the same thing but it was like: wow, how did he dare say that… what’s going to happen to him now?

Bigots are bigots, and once you allow them to go unchallenged you are in for big, big trouble… they then run the entire show… and we saw what kind of show they can put on with their three week long pogrom in Gaza.

These Zionist bigots have gone unchallenged for sixty years now in Israel… Jews like Albert Einstein insisted that Israel should be a place for Jews to live in peace with their Palestinian and Arab neighbors and he didn’t mean neighbors in another country (even though he supported a two-state solution); he was talking about the neighbors living in the house next door, and Jewish/Palestinian husbands and wives sleeping in the same beds… to this day Einstein is hated by the Zionists who want to claim him for his mastery of physics while wiping out any memory of his militant stance against Zionism and all forms of racist bigotry… try to find any school kid in any school in America who knows that Albert Einstein was in his day known as much for his very public stands against bigotry in any form or that he intentionally chose to help integrate his own neighborhood as well as for E=MCsquared and I would bet you would have to travel for months to find even a college student who would know this about Einstein… all because the Zionist bigots have bullied and coerced Einstein to be portrayed as they would have hoped him to have been rather than as he was. This demonstrates not only the power of hate… but what happens when this hate goes unchallenged… everything gets perverted and sets the stage for just what we saw happen with the Zionist killing spree of Palestinians in Gaza.

It is too bad we don’t have a courageous, well known public figure of the stature of Einstein to take these Zionists on… perhaps the moment and the injustice will push such a public figure forward.

Maybe if Jimmy Carter hooks up with Tony Benn in England concerning the problems of the Middle East we might get two such public figures.

I hear the argument that “not all Zionists are bigots.”

This simply isn’t true… its like saying there is a difference between someone running around with a white sheet over their head and someone else who drives down the road and has a bumper sticker with a Confederate flag saying “If we knew what was going to happen we would have picked our own cotton.” Neither one will admit to bigotry… the one with the bumper sticker will tell you I’m no KKK’er.

Zionism is the ideology of hate and as long as these people are calling the shots in Israel there will be never be a solution to this mess. Hang a couple of them for crimes against humanity for what they did in Gaza and you might shut the rest of these bigots up long enough to get a solution with reasonable people involved in the decision-making process.

We have seen in our own country how a few bigots can drag entire communities into campaigns of hate over housing integration and the desegregation of the schools… just think what it would be like if a George Wallace was the president of the United States egging these bigots on… that is what they have in Israel where intentionally mis-educated people and uneducated people are being mis-led by very clever and intentionally deceitful leaders.

If you had it drummed into you day in and day out that your nationality, religion, ethnicity or race made you better than other people you would likely be the same way… and there are now three generations of Israelis who have intentionally been taught that they are better than everyone else… especially better than Palestinians and Arabs… these people think they are normal… they think they are killing Palestinians because they are doing good. To have these bigoted Zionists tell the story they are saving the entire world by killing Palestinian children and their mothers… all the men are naturally “terrorists.”

I think Jimmy Carter has analyzed the situation pretty well but he is looking for a way to say what is really on his mind.

As long as he continues to challenge the effects of Zionism he is doing more than most people and he should be encouraged to continue speaking out very vigorously as he is doing; the main thing with Carter is that he doesn’t allow himself to go backwards… he should get lots of encouragement and suggestions from people so he mulls this entire situation over real good in a way where he feels comfortable moving forward… Carter going forward slow is better than going backwards… plus, unlike most politicians in this country Carter appears to be genuinely honest and sincere; hopefully lots of people will pick up on this.

I post this for discussion and would like to get your thoughts.

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