Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Alan Maki made an interesting observation

On a list serve Alan Maki made this observation about the progressives for Obama:

This is really getting to be too much to swallow… these people have to be challenged… they are, quite literally, treating working people and their problems like shit… they treat politics as if it is some kind of middle-class sport.

I have to agree. I never did care for Tom Hayden and this crowd who always looked down their noses at working people.

I always thought Carl Davidson and Tom Hayden were snobs. The more I read of these Progressives for Obama the more convinced I am that I was right. They are both big-headed and superior to the rest of us.

During the 60's they drove a wedge between the youth and what they called old left. Oh sure they were the new left. Today they are still up to no good. They still run the same old con games practicing deception.