Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Cliff Kincaid's friend offers voters advice on Palin: Don't vote for this drug abuser

The right-wing "journalist" and blogger, Cliff Kincaid, employed by the Nazi-lover Melon-Scaife, whose friend, Joyce Nalepka, president of Drug-Free Kids: America’s Challenge, offered voters some good advice... Kincaid often quotes Nalepka who, asked about Palin's admitted use of marijuana and other mind-altering drugs, has stated:

Even if Palin took and passed a drug test, Nalepka says she would never vote for her, explaining, “It appalls me at the thought that people would be na├»ve enough to vote for someone who admits drug use.” She says this view stems from 30 years of “watching parents wail and cry and talk about the hell their families went through” because of marijuana, cocaine and other drugs.

But the views of Nalepka and others in the campaign against illegal drugs have been ignored by media anxious to accept Palin's word that she has quit dangerous mind-altering drugs.

“We worked long and hard to close those drug paraphernalia shops in the 1980s and long and hard again to get student drug testing in the schools so we could get drugs out of the schools,” she said. “And we’re going to allow someone to come in to the White House of the United States of America who was a drug user?

Ok, there you have it.