Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Crooks of Mystic Lake Casino and Democracy

Workers are being fired left and right from the huge Mystic Lake Casino.

The Crooks in charge don't think workers have the right to "blog" so many workers are getting canned.

I say: Boycott the Crooks and their casino empire.

The Crooks think they are like some old Finnish feudal lords.

The Crooks haven't heard about democratic rights.

Maybe if people would stop feeding those rigged slot machines Stanley Crooks might start to treat casino workers with a little dignity and respect.

I wouldn't put a single penny in one of their crooked slot machines.

The Crooks really are a corrupt bunch lacking in respect for the rights of working people.

Come on folks, stop feeding the Crooks and their one arm bandits.

The 60th Anniversary of the United Nations' Universal Declaration of Human Rights is just around the corner and the Crooks think they can fire workers just because they blog.

All power to workers who blog!

It's time to give the Crooks' Director of Marketing a marketing campaign he will remember

Meet Bryan Prettyman... what names they give these Crooks!