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Alan Maki drives home a class struggle point of view in two responses to the revisionists

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I don't know what to say about this pathetic liquidationist drivel and revisionist nonsense brought to my attention in this:

Perhaps one of the best examples is provided in Jim Lanes blogging where he enthusiastically drools over one of the most reactionary newspapers in the country endorsing Obama this way:

The African American tabloid has a photo of both Democratic contenders on their front page. The accompanying article, though, is very pro-Obama: "The Obama campaign is the most spirited campaign in the history of the United States, and stands to break down the 'Berlin Wall' of race if Obama wins." They also write: "He has created a (sic) immense grassroots campaign in Texas unlike anything seen before in American politics. He has galvanized opposition to the Iraq War as one of the most corrupt wars in American history."

Now, racism, for Jim Lane, is the equivalent of the “Berlin Wall,” which was erected to keep the racist, anti-Semitic fascists out. How soon people forget when real working class Communist books are tossed to the curb and liquidated.

I would note that in the resolutions brought forward by Jim Lane’s friends of the PWW, there were no resolutions in support of dealing with plant closings, unemployment and the minimum wage. And, we have to continue asking why the PWW and PA never carried sample resolutions on the pressing problems the working class is experiencing.

We know, from their previous writings, Joel Wendland and Joe Simms are relying upon John Conyers and Dennis Kucinich to bring H.R. 676 forward at some point… I assume this to be just as quickly as John Conyers brought forward his heralded impeachment of Bush and Cheney--- in fact, Conyers went right on stumping for, and stating the case for impeachment in all of his talks across the country as he called for a boycott of the Olympics in China--- something that has not been mentioned in the PWW or PA for some reason; you know, if you don’t read about these things in the PWW and PA it is just as good as never have happened… just like the reason for the President of the IAM attacking Obama… we hear about his terrible attack, but, we don’t hear why the attack took place--- when you are cheerleading on the Democratic candidates the class struggle doesn’t really matter, does it… in fact, it is best that the class struggle be swept well under the rug in an attempt to suffocate it.

This from the PA blog posting really takes the prize: Realizing that there can be a change in politics, many are considering voting for Barack Obama. After all, he seems to promote real change in some areas. Not a lot had been discussed about Lobbyists until now.

The PWW and PA have repeatedly refused to report the real news of “lobbying” in the United States. Not once has the PWW or PA published articles explaining to working people how these law firms/lobbyists like Brownstein/Hyatt/Farber/Schreck form the core workings of state-monopoly capitalism in shaping everything from politics at the local and state levels to internationally and in foreign affairs.

William Z. Foster repeatedly said, over and over again, that the American working class needed an anti-imperialist education; yet, how imperialism really works is being intentionally with-held from the working class by the leadership of the CPUSA and the PWW and PA… even though it is necessary for the American working class to have these facts in order to achieve even the smallest victories at the local level.

There is a very sad irony to all of this because none other then Sam Webb, the Chair of the CPUSA, bemoaned and agonized that there have been no victories on the part of the people for many years. On the one hand Webb refuses to conduct the kind of education Foster said was required for such victories; on the other hand Webb cites these lack of victories as the need to support these pathetic candidates the Democratic Party has brought forward working the American people in a way to keep them trapped under the Big Top of the “one big tent” policy.

That thousands of auto workers, are, and more will be without jobs--- and as a result, miners and steelworkers will lose their jobs (it still takes a lot of steel to produce automobiles and trucks)--- during the next administration no matter who gets elected and Sam Webb and the leadership of OUR Party do not even see the need to advance the required resolutions addressing this problem in precinct caucuses… and, Jim Lane, a UAW member writes in a blog about resolutions as he has been part of the revisionist and liquidationist attack team against those of us attempting to bring these issues forward.

For Webb and Lane, they claim, our demands for public ownership (and what tax-payers finance tax-payers should own and control are “too advanced”); yet, look at how Lane describes the primary process in his PWW/PA blog (one wonders why these revisionists even bother to keep a Marxist press going, such a press one would think would create problems for them with their Democratic “coalition partners;” however, perhaps there are some Communists more acceptable than others for such a partnership?)--- anyways, Webb and Lane who talk about we mustn’t muddy the waters with such advanced demands of public ownership, Lane writes: “Think about it further. If my friends are correct in their observations, is it not likely that the grass roots structures being created by the Obama campaign will endure past the primaries, past the general election, and far into the next administration? If the campaign is creating cadres instead of drones, are we not looking at the possibility of a new kind of grassroots democracy in America's future? Compare the idea to the "Circulos" in Venezuela or the "Committees in Defense of the Revolution" in Cuba. Both of them depend on cadre leadership at the grass roots, community level. Both of them are at the very root of democracy's preservation and furtherance.

The long-term effect of the Obama campaign is worth pondering, especially as we analyze the staggering anti-Bush voter turnout across America and wonder what it portends for our future.

--Jim Lane in Dallas

Am I reading this right? Jim Lane, who thinks the concepts of public ownership and “what the tax-payers finance, tax-payers should own” is so far out in left field these ideas should not even be broached; that none other than Jim Lane is suggesting that Barack Obama’s campaign is preparing the working class to take state power? Upon reading Barack Obama’s essay in Foreign Affairs magazine and his blatantly anti-communist/anti-Castro views, somehow, I don’t think this is exactly what Barack Obama and his handlers have in mind… I don’t even see any indication that his clapping and cheering supporters who applaud such advanced concepts as “hope” and “change” and “we can do it” have this in mind.

However, this is what the revisionists and liquidationists always do. They substitute these kinds of nice sounding words in order to cover up what really needs to be done.

We have to ask this very important question--- and insist on some answers: How is it that these revisionist “leaders” talk about the importance of working among industrial workers--- and specify auto and mining and steel workers--- but, then, during an election when people are most alert and active, these leaders never mention the problems miners, steel and auto workers are experiencing, not to mention they do not use this opportunity to advance real solutions to the problems these workers and the rest of the working class is experiencing?

I would note, not only did Jim Lane not mention anything regarding resolutions relating to plant closings, unemployment and a real living--- non poverty--- minimum wage; Jim Lane did not mention anything about resolutions relating to the home foreclosures/evictions sweeping this country by the hundreds of thousands--- the millions!

I suppose since Jim Lane lives in the warm state of Texas staying warm in the winter is not a problem so we understand why there were no resolutions relating to the energy crisis… however, I hear tell, that Texans get gouged and ripped-off at the gas pumps just like the rest of us.

Rather than issuing their standard diatribes against me and all this Stalinist crap… why don’t these Party “leaders” try responding to me for a change?

Does not anyone see a problem with Erwin Marquit traveling to China to advise them on the virtues of introducing and expanding the “socialist market economy” when the economic miracle of capitalism is a “bubble about to burst” and he, along with the Economics Commission of our Party has nothing to say except, “We consider the closing of the St. Paul Ford Twin Cities Plant to be unfortunate for the workers and their families” as Scott Marshall and Jim Lane’s buddy, Mark Froemke, proclaim this as a “done deal?” I would think these “Committees of the Revolution” being organized through the Obama campaign might have something more substantial to say about this plant closing?

If not the “Committees of the Revolution,” shouldn’t Erwin Marquit’s and Danny Rubin’s “Committees of Correspondence” at least have something to say about the closing of the St. Paul Ford Twin Cities Assembly Plant?

I notice no mention is made in any of these blogs about copies of “Always Bring A Crowd; The Story of Frank Lumpkins, Steel Worker” by Beatrice Lumpkins being sold or passed around for people to read.

By the way… I notice none of these “bloggers” state whether or not leaflets were distributed to the precinct caucus participants promoting this PWW/PA blog?

And, why has just about everyone in Minnesota--- except for Erwin Marquit, the St. Paul Chamber of Commerce, the Republican Party and the Summit Hill Club--- come out in favor of an increase in the minimum wage? Isn’t the Communist Party usually out front on this issue?

It is nice that Jim Lane mentions the resolution for ending the war in Iraq--- however, Obama, like Hillary, is pledged to “winning” the war in Afghanistan. And I don’t see any photos of Joel Wendland, Sam Webb, Erwin Marquit and Jim Lane standing in line at the recruitment offices volunteering to pitch in and “get ‘er done.”

With Norman Markowitz already associating both the Obama and Clinton campaigns the heralding of another era of “New Deal” reforms, I am sorry, but I don’t see the comparisons of Obama’s Circulos” and “Committees in Defense of the Revolution” as being similar to the Unemployed Councils and Communist Party Clubs.

But, go ahead and read the PWW/PA blogs for yourself:

Brrrrrrrrrr… its cold up here in Northern Minnesota; we could use an increase in home heating assistance; rather than the cut we received that went unnoticed by the PWW/PA bloggers.

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Subject: John McCain: Bad News for American Workers, UAW President

Isn’t UAW President Ron Gettelfinger kind of “bad news” for auto workers, too?

I know Joel Wendland won’t like hearing this; but, neither Wendland nor Gettelfinger have done anything except support corporate decision-making in closing the St. Paul Ford Twin Cities Assembly Plant.

Because of Gettelfinger’s leadership and Wendland’s kiss-butt approach to class collaborationist politics, auto workers are now employed at jobs receiving poverty wages for the first time in over seventy-five years!

Anyways… both Gettelfinger and Wendland are making there obligatory militant posture.

Hmmmmmmmm, I wonder if there is a reason Wendland hasn’t seen fit to provide details and analysis concerning the remarks made by the IAM President Buffenbarger?

Does it really take the UAW President to make the case that “John McCain is bad news for American Workers”?

John McCain: Bad News for American Workers, UAW President

3-04-08, 12:13 pm

In his most recent op-ed in Solidarity magazine titled "It's time for a change," United Autoworkers (UAW) President Ron Gettelfinger fired both rhetorical barrels at George W. Bush and John McCain.

Gettelfinger stated that under Bush and the Republican Party controlled Congress, "working people have been getting a raw deal."

Bush and the Republicans showed "in real and painful ways what happens when corporate interests control the agenda." Workers lose their jobs and their homes; communities are destroyed.

Gettelfinger talked about the demand by autoworkers for change. They want to end bad trade deals that help corporations move jobs out of the economy and "hurt workers in all countries." Also, UAW members, he went on, "have always believed that health care should be a right, not a privilege for those who can afford it."

Gettelfinger insisted that our government must fulfill its responsibility to protect the rights of workers to organize and join unions and bargain collectively for better jobs.

He stated that the current nomination process has shown that most Americans agree that "[o]ur country needs a fundamental change in direction."

But the presumptive Republican Party candidate, Gettelfinger added, doesn't represent any kind of change at all. John McCain, said the union leader, "is bad news for America and American workers."

John McCain's enthusiasm for NAFTA and other free trade deals mixed with his open lack of concern for lost jobs shows where he stands on working families issues.

John McCain recently told Ohio voters that "NAFTA was a good idea. ... [F]ree trade ... is vital to the future of America. Have people lost jobs? Yes, they have, and they're gonna lose jobs."

John McCain should lose his. Perhaps he wouldn't be so glib about it.

Gettelfinger also unloaded on McCain's support for apparently endless occupation of Iraq, his plans to privatize Social Security, and his demand to make Bush tax cuts for the rich permanent.

"His record is just as bad when it comes to workers' rights," he added. McCain voted against the Employee Free Choice Act, against raising the minimum wage, and against extending unemployment compensation benefits during this recession.

"The choice for change in the coming election," Gettelfinger concluded, "will be clear." He vowed to lead the UAW in mobilizing its members to help bring out the vote to defeat McCain on November 4th.

--Reach Joel Wendland at

Alan L. Maki

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