Saturday, January 5, 2008

Always Bring A Crowd the story of Frank Lumpkin, Steelworker

Always bring a crowd is good advice for working people when dealing with employers or the government. More and more employers and the government are one and the same whether talking about Democrats or Republicans.

I was informed there is a book of the same name, "Always Bring A Crowd; The Story of Frank Lumpkin, Steelworker." This book is written by his wife, Beatrice Lumpkin. I didn't even obtain the book myself. My friend had it sent to me. I read it in one night and have been going through it more thoroughly ever since.

I am not writing a book review here, although this book deserves to be reviewed on every working class blog and in any form of media available. "Always Bring A Crowd" is a very powerful story of our time concerning the struggle of working people for justice. I think many of us here in the Iron Range cities can identify with the struggle of Frank Lumpkins and his brothers and sisters because as people whose lives are entwined with the mining and steel industry we find it very easy to emphasize with their struggle.

I think it is unfortunate so few working class struggles are turned into movies as was the case with the struggle of women miners on the Mesabi Iron Range whose struggle for justice and human dignity was made into the movie "North Country," which is based on the book "Class Action: The Story of Lois Jenson and the Landmark Case That Changed Sexual Harassment Law" by Clara Bingham.

My reason for writing about this book is because, after reading it I have come to wonder even more, what the heck is going on with our Party, the Communist Party USA when our publishing house, International Publishers puts out such an outstanding book that is a handbook for rank and file action and the Party leaders have done virtually nothing to put this book into the hands of working class activists.

I am boiling mad after reading this book. To think that this book is sitting in boxes in an office building that has gone through a one-million dollar renovation that included putting windows on walls that you cannot see out of and putting carpeting made from the garbage others threw out into dumpsters as was done with Gus Hall's books and pamphlets infuriates me to no end.

For all I know the "recycled" carpeting was made out of Gus Hall's books and pamphlets.

To think that we have people in leadership positions who would be traversing across our country and they are not carrying with them this book, "Always Bring A Crowd; The Story of Frank Lumpkin, Steelworker," really makes me not only angry, but it causes me to wonder how sincere these people like Sam Webb and Jarvis Tyner really are about anything.

I hear stories from friends who tell me they have attended these "Take Back America" conferences and they have seen these Party "leaders" there but there is no literature table, no PWW distribution, no leaflets.

Then the other day I get a long diatribe against Gus Hall written by Erwin and Doris Marquit condemning our long-standing policy of industrial concentration. I put this together with Gus Hall's writings being liquidated and tossed into dumpsters and hear of a garbageman on some stinking barge full of garbage picking up a book by Gus Hall to read from a box among the other debris, and I not only wonder, but I know, that we have all been had by Sam Webb.

Webb is the most despicable, two-faced, lying, deceitful piece of crap I have ever heard of.

I am told in a round-a-bout way that while in the Twin Cities, Sam Webb told the Chair of the Minneapolis Club of the Communist Party that, "I never really liked the term 'Marxism-Leninism.'"

Good enough; Webb doesn't have to like the term "Marxism-Leninism;" but why the hell is he in the Communist Party then? He is just like Gorbachov; a rank and rancid opportunist using the Communist Party to push his social democratic ideas. Truthfully, I don't even think Sam Webb has any kind of allegiance to any ideas.

Frank Lumpkin has some very good ideas. Gus Hall had some very good ideas. Elizabeth Gurley Flynn had some very good ideas. William Z. Foster had some very good ideas. Brother Bill McKie had some very good ideas.

The best ideas Sam Webb has been able to come up with is attacking Gus Hall in newspaper interviews; liquidating Gus Hall's excellent books which make great companion pieces to the Frank Lumpkin book and figuring out how to prevent people from knowing that "Always Bring A Crowd" is even available.

I would like to know how Sam Webb can spend money flying in and out of Minnesota without bringing along Party publications like "Always Bring Along A Crowd" as two-thousand autoworkers with families are facing being thrown out into the street and and tens of thousands are being foreclosed on and evicted from their homes and Sam Webb is worried about a couple people wearing t-shirts with pictures of Marx and Lenin emblazoned with "Working Class Communists."

I so want to use the "F" word to ask what is going on. It all just makes me sick.

And then this pig called Sam Webb sits in a million dollar glass office calling me "the bitch from Duluth." Maybe if Webb would be as worried about the problems of the working class as he is about renovating his office, and then calling the capitalist news media in to see the way our Party is pissing away OUR money we might be well on our way to organizing the anti-monopoly coalition.

I received another publication by Gus Hall writing about revisionism. In it, Gus Hall refers to revisionists as "egg heads." Here is what an "egg head" looks like, this is Sam Webb who takes up space in a renovated million dollar office:

Working from a million dollar glass-walled office, Sam Webb better be careful who he throws rocks at.

Ask Sam Webb what excuse he has for not distributing this book where ever he travels at OUR expense:

Preview this book

Check out sections of this fantastic book at:,M1

We all know why Sam Webb liquidated this book:

"Working Class USA; The Power and the Movement"

Here you can get a glimpse of what the "egg heads" don't like in Gus Hall's writings: