Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Communist Party Chair Sam Webb plans celebration of auto pacts in the Twin Cities... "Two Down, One to Go and It's A Done Deal!"

Sam Webb will be the featured speaker at the St. Paul Ford Twin Cities Assembly Plant--- provided Ford Security and the St. Paul Police don’t object.

Stay tuned for complete details… please don’t bring any Communist literature or books… some people may find these offensive.

No t-shirts unless they have “Vote for Hillary”… anyone wearing t-shirts bearing the likenesses of Marx, Engels, Lenin or Che will be banished.

Come rejoice with our great fearless leader and more than 1,500 satisfied Ford workers who Webb advised to accept whatever Ford offered without making a stink or putting up a struggle.

Join us for a militant march from the Ford plant gate to the polls chanting, “Hillary, Hillary, Hillary… all out to defeat reaction and stop the war by funding it a little longer by electing Hillary.”

Please, no shouting “end the war now,” no screaming “Ford lies like Bush,” no chanting “Save the Ford Plant and Hydro Dam.”

Please, please refrain from all talk of public ownership. If you must talk of the “class struggle” please keep it to a whisper so as not to offend Democrats or Ford management… they might become angry and take out their wrath on Ford workers.

Scott Marshall will offer a prayer for St. Paul Ford workers.

Free beer will be distributed compliments of Mark Froemke.

Erwin Marquit will be collecting copies of Gus Hall’s “Working Class USA” for the bonfire on the Ford Little League Field where hotdogs will be smoked in arsenic and lead.

Dean Gunderson will distribute the new membership cards for the Communist Political Association.

Stay tuned for date and time.